About IFIP WG 8.6

Scope and Aims of IFIP WG 8.6

To foster understanding and improve research in practice, methods, and techniques in the transfer and diffusion of information technology within systems that are developed and in the development process.

* Diffusion, transfer, and implementation of both mature and immature information technologies and systems in organizations and among organizations, sectors, and countries.
* Transfer of technology to be incorporated in systems for customers and clients.
* Transfer of both system and development technologies to technologists, developers, managers, and sponsors of systems.
* Development of frameworks, models, and terminology for information technology transfer and diffusion.
* Identification of risk factors and barriers to success in technology transfer and strategies for addressing them.
* Conditions or scenarios under which specific transfer and diffusion techniques are applicable.
* Methods to evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, and value of technology transfer programs and approaches, including time and effort estimators and metrics.
* Organization design and process issues related to technology transfer and diffusion.
* Case studies of technology transfer and diffusion to provide instances to guide research, development, and practice.
* Standards and intellectual property issues that inhibit or facilitate information technology transfer.

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