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Welcome to the Website for IFIP Working Group 8.6, an international group concerned with the diffusion, adoption and implementation of information (and communication) technologies. The Group was established by IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) in 1994. We conduct conferences and workshops, maintain a listserver and publish books. Read more about us here.

Although many members are academics, practitioners are most welcome to join in our activities, indeed developing a closer relationship between research and practice is a central aim of the Group.

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FORTHCOMING EVENT: Re-imaging diffusion and adoption of Information Technology and Systems: a continuing conversation.

Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. December 17 - 19, 2020

At recent conferences, we have discussed the evolution of the field and the emerging trends that WG8.6 should incorporate in its future agenda, ensuring its alignment with today’s more viral diffusion environment. The forthcoming 2020 gathering would continue this scholarly conversation, formulating new directions for the Group that will address trends in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fintech Applications, Internet of Things, Social Media, all of which are expected to have substantial impact on future economic development of society, organizations and individuals.

More details of the meeting, including details of submissions procedures, may be found on the Conference web-site. It is suggested you open the link in a NEW TAB (click right mouse button).

LAST EVENT: ICT unbounded, Social Impact of Bright ICT Adoption (Acra, Ghana, 2019)

More details of the conference can be found in the Call for Papers and on the Conference website (you may need to open these links in a new tab).

PREVIOUS EVENT: Working Conference on Smart working, living and organizing (2020)

This conference was held in Portsmouth, 25th June 2018, prior to ECIS.

The aim of the event was to progress our understanding of the plethora of new technologies that are being adopted everyday by individuals, organisations, sectors and society in order to better understand the human aspects of living and organising with these technologies. In particular, we called for research from different contexts and walks of life to understand the adoption and organising principles of emerging smart devices and technologies in smart homes, smart cars, smart phones, smart government, smart cities and smart organisations. Who is becoming smart and what are they becoming smart about? Who are the “winners and losers” and what role does technology play? How are emerging technologies adopted and appropriated in everyday life and what impact are they exerting?

The Proceedings of the workshop have now been published as a book by Springer - please follow this link. NB: You may need to open in a NEW TAB, right click on your mouse should do this.

Please note that a small number of spare hardback copies of the book are available. Please email moc.liamtoh|lletsaw_evad#moc.liamtoh|lletsaw_evad if you would like a copy.

The workshop included a Panel of leading international scholars who debated the topic:

Evolution or Revolution: Causality and Pushing the Boundaries on Technology Adoption/Diffusion

The panelists were: Frantz Rowe (Université de Nantes) and Yogesh Dwivedi (Swansea University); Bendik Bygstad (University of Oslo); Steve Alter (University of San Francisco); David Wastell (University of Nottingham); Karlheinz Kautz(RMIT University) and Deborah Bunker (The University of Sydney)

The preliminary programme for the Workshop may be found here, and a copy of the papers here

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